Monday, 21 April 2014

Campaigning Photos With Samantha Clark

Over the last few days I have been out with Samantha Clark who is the local Conservative candidate for the Roman Bank by-election. Sam and her campaign team have been all over the area leafleting, canvassing and posting letters. I have been struck by how well Samantha is known in the ward. No joke, around 50% of all the people I call upon know who she is. Her family and friends live in all the villages, especially Newton where she is a parish councillor.

Here are the photos from the last few days of campaigning:

Samantha was campaigning in the estates just off Sutton Road on Tuesday. She got a good response from the locals.

On Wednesday Sam spent more time in Leverington with helpers from across North East Cambridgeshire. She is that liked and respected.

Sam stopped for a quick drink at the Rising Sun after a long morning of canvassing on Tuesday.

Sam was on High Road in Gorelfield earlier today seeing what was going on.

Sam also visited the local shop in Gorefield and treated us to a snack.

Sam was also out with a team of helpers in Leverington to do a mass leaflet of lots of houses and deliver postal vote letters.

Sam was joined by more helpers later on today.

Sam has really been putting the effort in these last few days and will tomorrow be spending time seeing and talking to people across the ward who she has not yet had contact with. Sam and her team will hopefully have seen everyone in the area at least once soon.  It's good to see that local people are getting behind Sam because she really cares about the villages of Tydd St Giles, Newton, Gorefield, Foul Anchor and Leverington (as well as all the people living in the houses in between). She does live there after all. Her concerns are your concerns. 

Residents of Roman Bank, please choose Samantha Clark to be your district councillor.

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