Sunday, 27 April 2014

Enfield Road Trip

Yes, it is back. Road Trip 2015 made it three massive successes in a row with a mass campaign day in Enfield for Nick de Bois MP. Thanks to Mark Clarke and the team for another smashing day out. I saw Mahyar, the awesome AJ, Charlotte Kude (who is currently looking after Mahyar in his campaign to become the councillor for Lee Greem) and a whole host of others. It was certainly worth coming down from Nottingham, even though it took me several hours to get home and I had to leave the party early. 

The awesome Antonia Jade

It took me a good few hours to travel from Nottingham down to Enfield in the morning. Some people seemed to have a more eventful morning though.

What surprises me most about that tweet is Stephen Canning somehow was not involved. But anyway,I was taken from Oakwood tube station with a few others by Nick de Bois to leaflet one of the best areas in Enfield for the Conservatives. At the moment, as all my Conservative friends in London keeps reminding me with notices of elections advertising their candidacy, it is the London Borough elections fairly soon. Enfield is obviously no exception. With Labour only having a majority of 9, a lower turnout than in 2010 which pushed the Labour vote up (for obvious reasons), and very few UKIP candidates, there is a good chance the Conservatives could re-take Enfield council.

Other teams were also out doing their bit:

After that we had lunch, a good mix of biscuits and beer essentially, where I got to chat with the peeps I know from across the country. In total it was worked out that 130 activists had come to help in Enfield. Which was much more than Labour had out on that day

During this time Grant Shapps turned up to inspire us all with a great speech about what was coming up in the next few days, weeks and months. 

Then there was a competition of who could get the best #ShappsSelfie here are most of the entrants.

We then went out for the big group photo someone even put a making of video on Vine. 

We the went out for a bit more leafleting or in my case canvassing of the people of Enfield. 

But it was then on to the bar where we tried to drink dry the Jolly Butcher in Enfield. They had a very good selection of beers and I caught up with George Hopkinson who has also produced another decent article about the Road Trip on Conservative Student, which has been quite for a while. George says it will be starting up again soon so you may see me taking up my virtual pen and writing for the blog.

After this we then went for a Curry. 

However there was one problem. There was so many of us the curry house quickly ran out of seats for us to sit down in. After a Kissinger style negotiation between the restaurant owners on one side and Mark Clarke and Andre on the other, two sittings were organised to feed the 5,000. As Nick de Bois said in his speech after dinner, or before dinner in my case, "Mark told me there would be 100 activists with 70 for curry afterwards. I told him not to exaggerate and that he would be wrong. I was right. 130 activists turned up and over 100 came for a free curry."

Nick de Bois in an overflowing curry house.

After dinner I had to go off home, but it seems everyone was still able to have a fantastic party afterwards. 

Mahyar shows he is still a child at heart.

We really did some excellent work yesterday. Nick has a 1692 majority in Enfield North, obviously we need to hold this seat for a majority government. I hope though that come the General Election there will be a big swing to the Conservatives here.

I must thank again all the Road Trip Team for the fun day with the free drinks, free curry and all the satisfaction of helping to beat Labour. The question on everyone's lips though is, "where's next?".

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