Friday, 29 March 2013


Yesterday was the North East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association (known as NECCA for most) AGM. Notable attendees were Steve Barclay MP, who gave in my opinion the best speech he has ever done, and David Campbell Bannerman MEP. I'd like to recall David Campbell Bannerman's speech as it shows why UKIP are 'not a serious party'.

DCB used to be a Tory before 2004 until he was convinced to join UKIP in order to fight the undemocratic political monolith of the EU. Indeed he stood as their leader and wrote the 2010 general election manifesto. However he said his heart was never in UKIP and rejoined the Tories in 2011 because it was the only way to get things done in this country and has a good party structure.

DCB believes that the Conservatives may be doing badly now but as soon as the 2014 EU elections come the message of an in out referendum will be more important and lead to a surge for us. UKIP scores well on the issue of immigration but no longer has any lead on who is best for the country regarding the EU. The public perception is slowly being broken down by their MEPs not representing the UK voting the wrong way on votes for the financial transaction tax and for a cut in the EU Budget. In my opinion UKIP doesn't do a very good job in the EU parliament although the message of Euro-scepticism sent by the 2009 elections helped pushed the anti-EU agenda forward.

To David there are four Ps of why UKIP is a very bad party. 1) No Plan- It has no plan to leave the European Union. To leave is a very complicated process and, unlike the Conservatives who are constructing plans on how to do it, UKIP has no clue. 2) No Policies- There is no substance to any of their policies, Nigel Farage deliberately bins all policy substance in favour of buzzwords and good slogans rather than real policies. 3) No MPs- UKIP has currently no MPs and can do nothing. It has, even with defections, such a limited, amount of councillors that it cannot change policy on a local level. This will not change by 2015. 4) No Participation- As I've mentioned earlier UKIP MPs are idle and vote against the UK's interests on the financial transaction tax and the like. They are throwing barriers against their own ideals. To me its seems almost deliberate trying to stop the Conservatives being victorious.

DCB is full of optimism. The Conservatives will get a majority in 2015 as the countries mood will have changed. Also Nigel doesn't like the General Election, he cares only for Europe and having to fight it is expensive and burns lots of money for no seats.

I like David Campbell Bannerman. Like Emma McClarkin, I view him to be a real Tory fighting for our interests unlike one particular Tory MEP who has said to me "we want a Europe where the path to socialism is slowed, we can never stop it and we must follow on." I hope real Conservatives win in 2014 and not those who should be in the Liberal Democrats.

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