Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Voting Time

Good news Conservatives. I have a ballot paper and the likelihood is you do to. If not contact Alan Mabbutt at alan.mabbutt@conservatives.com . 

So who do you I recommend you vote for. Well I don't do endorsements except for Sarah Jane Sewell, vote for her. Why should you vote for her? Well I think its because she has worked hard and done well this year. Sarah Jane has helped decentralise CF a lot and she knows the problems of not living in London as she set up her own CF branch back home in rural Lincolnshire. Her website is http://sewellsaga.wordpress.com/.

But what should you look for in any other of the positions. Well firstly it has to be someone who is prepared to come out of London as an officer. Decentralisation is the way forward: it means more members, more events, more fun and hopefully more chance of a Tory majority in 2015. Centralisation may be good for those in London, but there are 600 other seats in Parliament.

Also vote for someone who makes the effort. Have you seen the candidate or heard a lot from them on blogs/people campaigning for them? A non-existent campaign is a sure sign of a non-existent officer.

Good luck to all the candidates and let's hope for a turnout greater than that of last year when the voting size resembled that of an 18th century Rotten-Borough.

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