Thursday, 14 March 2013


If you have a ballot for the CF elections, lucky you. I have not and seemingly most others have not got one too. Although I find it odd that I can get emails about the CF conference but not a voting email. Soon to be gone Chairman Ben Howlett has told us why this may occur.

So let's start of  by saying what you can do if you haven't got a ballot paper. You can go onto this website and submit details to try speed along the process of your 'batch' being sent out Also try contacting your local association they may not be using Merlin and so you may be able to prompt them to send in your information. If that doesn't work, I would email Alan Mabbutt at .

But let's think of the future now. Seriously this situation has to change. Quite frankly I'm surprised this way of voting has lasted this long. I think online is probably the best solution to the problem using emails but can't at least CCHQ ask all the associations to send in the details of all association members of voting age to them? If they are unable to, can't they send out ballot papers earlier and have a longer period of elections? There probably is a backlog of people complaining? Merlin, the very old wizard of CCHQ, has a lot of problems to fix.

Everyone who hasn't got a voting email please kick up a fuss.


Hi Elliott,

Simple reason you did not get a ballot, there was no email on your MERLIN record.  You should get Debbie to correct that.

I will arrange for a ballot email to be sent by next Tuesday.

Alan Mabbutt
Nominating Officer
Conservative Party

Hooray a solution!

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