Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The EU Strikes Back

Oh great. Remember how David Cameron negotiated a 3.3% cut to the EU budget instead of the proposed 2.4% increase. Well it seems that the EU has been trying to unravel all Dave's hard work and they are coming closer by the day. Clearly they want to keep their solid gold pensions and all the perks that go with the job.

So what's been going on? Well fairly recently the EU parliament, including UKIP, voted against the budget cut. This means that the 3.3% cut has not yet been approved so the cut itself rests in the balance.

President of the EU Parliament Martin Schulz is not happy about the budget cut. He may have to move out of his 18th century Mansion with it's fine tapestries.

An amending budget must now be passed to cover the costs of 2012 which the UK will have to pay £1.2 billion. This is more than Mrs Thatcher ever asked or got for her rebate. Of course the Government is going to fight massively against this, but the struggle will be very hard. This budget can be amended by a majority of member states countries and is subjected to no veto. Essentially David Cameron is going to have to convince a majority of countries that there needs to be a cut to the EU budget now.

In my opinion this could be possible. Cameron did convince Germany to back the proposed budget cut to the EU after much negotiating which gives the proposals much clout over other countries. This will not stop socialist states like France though for they have argued in favour of the 2.4% increase because they want more money from CAP. The Commission however has also been lobbying hard for £9 billion extra for 'cohesion' within Europe. It will still be a hard fight.

Both Merkel and Cameron: This is how big the EU budget should be.

So yet again the EU Commission and the ex (but not reformed) Euro-Communists are trying to stop any sort of change to their monstrous institution. The more we hear about what exactly the EU does the more I hope the British public are closer to voting no in a referendum.

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