Wednesday, 20 March 2013


It's official 1/8 of my viewers are Americans. Hello conservatives over the pond, but don't say your Republican here you'll find yourself in a room with the SWP and all those other monarchist haters. So let's have an American story for our friends over the Atlantic.

Barack Obama has decided after a 5 year wait to visit Israel, which is a very long time considering Israel and America have 'an unbreakable alliance'. However I'm not surprised.

Obama doesn't like the Israeli's. To him they are just a nuisance as they come with the whole Palestine issue. Despite going there on a mission to try end this problem Obama hasn't done anything about it, despite all the talk that he gives to the subject. Nor does Obama like that Israel are constantly being attacked because it means that America has to support them. It's not like Israel is an island of true liberal democracy and every other country around it is ruled by despots in the area. Obama's own hand on Iran is also very weak and the Israeli government is constantly showing him up by taking a hard stance against Iran's nuclear weapons programme, which consequently forces the hand of the President to do something.

Obama has never been hot on foreign policy. In some ways he has just continued off from Bush with drone strikes and the like. But in others he seems to have no real idea of what to do like with Iran, Israel, Egypt, Syria and so on. The whole Middle East is a problem triangle and no one expects him to solve it, although from the hype about his first election you would have expected so. However, he is not really defending America's actual interests very well. It seems Obama wants an easy life not getting involved in areas he should. This coupled with his personal hatred of his 'real' allies like Britain and Israel means he is not very good at having friends on the world stage, it seems like us and the Israeli's support the US out of tradition rather than for the President now.

In other news Obama has a new TV career as the Devil. I wonder where he gets the spare time?

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