Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Sarah Jane Sewell is out in force on twitter today asking you this:

Sarah Jane has recently seen a more visible support from her home region of the East Midlands (see http://thingselliottsays.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/oliver-cooper-victorious-in-east.html). Sarah Jane’s national, rather than just urban, support is becoming more visual in the campaign. This is what I had to say to her.

Sarah Jane so far has done a great deal of decentralisation in CF. Mostly this is because she set up a CF in South Holland and the Deepings with no real extra help. She knows how tough it is with a rural branch.

I don’t usually do public backings. But for SJ I make the exception for being a close friend and very, very good at what she has done. But any candidate is welcome to send me info to put out into the big wide world.

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  1. #ILoveElliottBecause he is a fantastic local friend from home, and a true conservative! ;)