Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I watched PMQs and found it very interesting today. For once Ed Miliband did very well, it's well worth a watch :

So what went wrong for Dave. He's had two very bad news stories this week firstly the OBR saying that austerity was bringing down growth and that the Press are full of rumours about Theresa May looking to challenge him for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Clearly both of these have not been good for Mr Cameron, I doubt he could take this very well during the week.

But his answers to the questions too were shocking today. Red Ed raised the OBRs statement and Cameron had no answer to it. Such a story is hard to spin anyway but in my opinion saying that it's mostly international issues bringing the country down is a bit of a cop out. Even if this was the case totally, the Prime Minster should say what he is doing to help the UK. You can't just blame someone else all the time. This whole incident reminds me a bit of Gordon Brown he used to blame the 'world crisis' although Britain was the last to recover from it.

Red Ed's point on Mrs May leads into this as well because it is actually for this reason that Conservative MPs are disgruntled with the PM. I wouldn't fully trust the newspapers on everything said about leadership challenges, they do have a habit to make a passing comment into a conspiracy on the level of Catline's against Cicero and the Roman Republic. There may be something in this particular one though, it has been running for over a week now.

There is some good news though, Dave doesn't want a minimum alcohol tax any more. Hooray! maybe he read my blog post (see

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