Monday, 4 March 2013

Parallel Universe

Sometimes I think some of the people who run the country don’t really know what is going on.

Today the PCS union voted for strike action by 61% with only 28% of the 250,000 members voted in the ballot. The Union now wants a 5% pay rise or £1,200 per member. Clearly the PCS are on the pulse of tough times and tighter budgets. Everyone is being squeezed and now they are demanding a massively above inflation pay rise.

Well pay rises are based on performance, if you improve productivity by quantity or quality you would reasonably except some sort of perk. So let’s examine how well the Civil Service has been doing. They've put a roadblock to every single education reform that they are obliged to implement. They've cut front line services and yet have kept, if not increased in some cases, their pensions. They are in active opposition to the government they are contractually obliged to serve. Also they aren't doing a great deal to help get the economy moving with all the extra red tape they add. There seems to be no real change in making the civil service better than it was before the coalition came into power.

So, although I appreciate everyone wants more money, they are demanding more when others are getting a cut. They’re lucky that they have a freeze (except for those working under £21,000) most people have their incomes slashed. Yes they are feeling the pinch, it’s called austerity. It’s necessary to save the country.

Also, if you’re a civil servant and you've chosen to strike because you want to stop government policy find another job. You are contractually obliged to implement government decisions. Fine give advice and have your own personal opinions but the minister/councillors run the show.

Its beggar’s belief that some civil servants can still think about a pre-recession world. No wonder they are out of touch, they are no way accountable to anyone.

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