Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Getting Control

Trouble has been brewing on the UK's borders for years and now Mrs May, Queen of Fashion, is going to sort it out.

'Thunderbirds are Go!'

Well this is at least the plan. The Border Agency is seemingly the worst of all parts of government. They can't use a computer, they lose more people than the population of Iceland and are dysfunctional at the best of times. The UK's borders were better protected and worked more efficiently when the 'real' staff were on strike and the people checking your passport were civil servants from No.10. Also they don't know how many immigrants now live in Britain. They predict it to be 312,726 at the end of September last year but they actually believe it to be massively more than this.

So soon the Border Agency will be no more. Theresa May will incorporate it in to the Home Office. I think this is a god idea although it will be hard.

Mrs May has done well in the Home Office, one of the many successes of this government. But she has also dealt with the biggest headaches with Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza. But she has got somewhere deporting Hamza and coming fairly close to Qatada, hopefully there will be some success there soon. She has also been a great critic of the Border Agency forcing change by sacking the former chief Brodie Clark for relaxing border checks. Furthermore she is there to stop Ken Clarke making sure that we are always a part of the ECHR, a British Bill of Rights is a much better way of going around things. I think she will be fairly successful in what she does.

Clarke v May

However, this is an odd thing to do. She is now personally taking control of the UKs borders. Immigration is of course a big issue in Britain. The government has had recent success in the area. Perhaps Mrs May wants some of the credit? I think this is a good way of securing our borders, on paper at least, but I wonder if there isn't some personal motivation.

Mrs May sporting the recent Rag Doll costume

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