Friday, 8 March 2013

Exclusive: Sarah Jane's Manifesto is Launched

Later today Sarah Jane Sewell will be launching her manifesto. #ThingsElliottSays has been able to get  about ¾ of what she has to say, it is well worth reading. This is what we have:

·         Universities/students
o   Create a “Conservative Students Council”
§  The council would consist of one member from each university/college
§  Focus on student issues
§  Improve freshers packs (should be created BY students FOR students).
§  Inter-university/college competitions
·         Continue to help and support CF Young Professionals
·         Continue to help and support CF post Grads
·         Continue to help and support CF women as well as providing support for other minority groups (LGBTQ Tory, BME Tory etc) Providing support and guidance and links with the groups in the main party.
·         Reform of the election process
o   Hopefully use a log-in process on the website. Members would receive a username and password that could be used with the CF activist centre (when it launches). Get’s rid of the email problems, but members would need to have a valid membership number to be able to sign up for an online “account”. Voting would still remain 100% anonymous.
o   All candidates for national/regional/area elections would be required to have a one side of A4 manifesto which would be published online alongside the announcement of candidates – this would ensure all candidates would have at least the most basic of opportunities to present their policies for election.
o   One formally arranged hustings in each region.
·         Relaunch of CFTV which would incorporate a newly launched CF Radio.
o   Delivered via youtube with links on CF website.
o   Monthly vlog updates from the national and regional officers to keep members up to date and allow for greater scrutiny.
o   Audio recordings of policy forums/ pint:port and policy sessions from across the UK.
o   Open for any topical discussions from any members.
o   Advertising for various events etc.
o   Promoting CF.
o   Promotional campaign videos
o   “fly on the walls” at campaign days (both electoral and social action campaigns).
·         Creating a truly national CF magazine that will go out bi-monthly online.
o   Articles from members. We’ve seen a surge in blogs, so it would be great to have a centralised platform for all budding political writers.
o   Opportunities for cartoonists as well.
o   Comments/letters section.
·         Working with the best practice officer to update the branch packs. Input will be asked of all branch chairmen.
o   Will create targeted packs.
§  Rural Branch
§  University Branch (with help on society ratification processes.
§  City/Town branch


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