Sunday, 17 March 2013

More Positive News

More positive news now. These are 12 things we the Tories have done. On certain areas we should be doing better i.e. deficit and immigration but we have been fairly successful in bringing them down. This is what we Conservatives have to fight the upcoming elections on and maybe the General Election. We should be proud that we have had effect in all these areas, although some more than others.


  1. The deficit went up? They've been borrowing more and more.

    Job creation doesn't mean that they're not cutting more jobs than are being created and doesn't take into account part-time or full-time, let alone if they count the unpaid work.

    Also, depends on whether or not they mean the (illegal) forced unpaid work for JSA as apprenticeships.

    The immigration is for all immigrants, not just the ones who could be considered detrimental to the economy (and even then the second generation tend to repay it)

    And finally, it depends how they define crime.

    Not saying it's only the conservatives that enjoy a bit of statistic-bashing, but I'd take anything like this published with a mountain of salt.

  2. The deficit hasn't gone up. It will go up next year but will still be less than under Labour. If you include job cuts made 700,000 more people are employed. They do not include the JSA work programme (they're on benefits still) or unpaid work, forced or not. The immigration target was set on numbers not the detrimentalness of the immigrants themselves.And on Crime that includes all crime stats (some crimes have gone up but the general trend is all of them going down).
    You have point on the part time aspect. Also, although i'd like it to be so, there have been no claims about bringing down the debt itself.