Saturday, 30 March 2013


You may have noticed I have done a lot of blog posts today. Why may you ask? Well I'm off to Rome to go see the sights and become all Roman. I love the Romans and so will look forward to it. Unfortunately for you, although there is a computer in the place I am staying, I will not be posting that often if at all.

I shall be seeing all the sights from the Coliseum to a 5th century underground ossuary, built when the monks of Rome decided to collect 10,000 skulls of their deceased brothers and dressed some in clothes. Interesting stuff.

My favourite Roman Emperor is Hadrian. He stopped imperial expansion leaving a huge but stable empire so that he was able to preside over growth in the Roman economy. He also made sure the rest of the second century had firm political governance by appointing two very strong heirs. The blemishes to his name were massacring thousands of Jews in Jerusalem after they rebelled against him, at this time the Jews were very rebellious.

If I see some riots because the Italian economy is down with that of Greece I'll try do a story on it. If not I may go back 2000 years and do some Roman Politics.

So that's it for a while. Please vote in the poll on the side and keep reading when I return. Vale!

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