Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

So David Cameron can sleep easier in his bed tonight knowing that the Party aren't going to kick him out just yet. 58% of you voted for him to stay as leader but 41% think he should go, a very sizeable minority. Also worth noting is that some people changed their votes during the time the poll was going.

 13 (41%)
  18 (58%)
  0 (0%)

I did this poll to find out what people think of the leadership at the moment. The general trend is not looking good. A week ago the leadership of the party were hitting a massive low with the disappointment of going nowhere economically. But I think it's picking up again after a ok budget, so far (fingers crossed), which had some good tax cuts in certain areas. I still think people are unhappy with the economic direction of the policies of not cutting the debt and the deficit going up this year.

On Dave's leadership it's looking sticky at the moment, it could either way for him this year, especially from a poll result like this. In this poll Cameron was very close to a second round with not getting 15% more than the other candidate, at least that was the old system. If something like that were to happen then it would be crippling for him and he wouldn't survive.

But actually getting rid of Dave would be very hard to do and do lots of damage to the Party. The damage would be just a bit less than the problems the Conservatives had during the 1990s.

Please vote in the next poll. 

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