Wednesday, 13 March 2013

SU Elections - who to vote for?

I'd like to talk about the SU elections. I'm not backing anyone on my blog. Except for this chap, Vote for Joe Sheedy for Equalities and Welfare.

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But I am going to say what I think anyone elected to the SU can do. Firstly The SU representatives have to concentrate on value for money. The SU does offer some really key services for students like Nightline, but any new service the SU wants to offer or old ones should be efficient. My advice to any SU officer is to look at what services are provided in detail and see whether there are any areas savings can be made. This isn't cutting, if anything a properly efficient service would mean that the SU does more for Students and can do more with the saved money, which is obviously right.

I'd also say to any SU officers not to get political. I am very interested in politics, but my representatives sit in the House of Commons and in Nottingham City Council. We don't need SU officers wasting time on meaningless political policies. I would ask for those already in place to be repealed because some of these are very stupid and do effect students in minor ways. For example why can't we have Coca Cola on Campus? Apparently it's because they are a evil business due to extreme corporatism so instead now we have Pepsi, an equally big company.

So there we are vote for a value for money and a non-political SU.

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