Monday, 24 February 2014

Exclusive: YI Elections Rigged

#ThingsElliottSays can reveal today that the Young Indpendence (UKIP's youth wing) elections are officially rigged. #ThingsElliottSays is pleased to announce that the winner of the YI elections even before voting begins on Wednesday. The winner is Jack Duffin so well done to him. After #OllyShambles and the collapse of any moral integrity in YI's elections this news should come as no surprise.

Jack with Paul Nuttal MEP.

According to a #ThingsElliottSays source, who left UKIP very recently, "The NEC are desperate to have control over YI affairs". The NEC have thus been ringing up senior YI members they view as puppets to see if they would like to be the next YI chairman. Of course, to sweeten the deal the NEC have guaranteed the candidate they choose would win by 'fixing' (yes they used that word in phone conversations to potential candidates) the elections. #ThingsElliottSay's source has said that this deal was accepted by Jack Duffin and the "offer doesn't apply to Chris Wood", who is also standing as YI Chairman.

Nigel controls YI. You don't get a vote in the UKIP youth movement.

But why would Jack Duffin accept this deal because any honest and moral person would never agree to such an arrangement? Well according to the source "Neil Hamilton*, that esteemed gentleman, has secretly offered to pay Duffin a salary to sit as YI Chairman." Yes that is right UKIP is paying people to be YI Chair. This is part bribery and part quiet money. Mr Duffin has a very faulty moral compass.

It comes as no surprise then that Jack Duffin in his manifesto says he will be getting a "salary of £12k" if elected as YI Chair. Mr Duffin would like YI members to think that the money would be raised "through a YI Patrons Club"; but in reality Jack is getting directly paid by party funds.

YI Conference last year.

I bet YI members are really happy with this news.

*Neil Hamilton is a NEC member, YI President and close to Jack Duffin.


  1. There's a reason he was suddenly being published on the UKIP Daily website just as the candidates were revealed, despite the fact it is common knowledge that he is fundamentally illiterate.

  2. shocking and disgusting. I left some time ago, YI has really gone down hill from a few years ago

  3. this rings true even if it does come from tory scum!!!!

  4. So any particular reason why this sauce who left UKIP recently does not want her/his name attributed to these quotes? Surely here there is no embarrassment or danger for the sauce. It really undermines the legitimacy / credibility of these revelations where this allegedly knowledgeable sauce who is presumably confident they've done the right thing isn't sure? Does not bode well for CF to be signing up members with these sorts of intentions?

  5. Emmett, I believe the sauce has been revealed as HP - or possibly Heinz.