Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Back on the Tab, Comrades

After a fair break #ThingsElliottSays is back on the Tab this time reporting with Alex Page, from Kent University, about the Stalin posters used to advertise the Kent Union's officer elections. I wrote an article about this yesterday which can be seen here.

Late breaking news has come from the LGBT officer of Kent Union saying this:

"Recently Kent union published an image of Joseph Stalin as a way to engage and inform students of the upcoming leadership elections. Whilst we applaud new ways to engage students in the political process we regard this action as somewhat distasteful and odd.

Speaking purely as Representatives of the LGBT+ community we regard the use of Joseph Stalin as extremely distasteful. This is not only a man who killed and murdered millions of his own people; he also persecuted and killed thousands of people based on their sexuality.

We respectfully ask that Kent union removes the poster and we are informed on who agreed to promote such ridiculous promotion. The mistake of our union is fast reaching the national press. We ask for this embarrassment to stop before it damages to good work of those who volunteer and work for Kent union."
It seems like this story is slowly sliding its way into the national press. It has already been in the local news, the Tab previously, the MediaWire and the Huffington Post. Where will it go next? I'm sure there are red faces all around in Kent Union. Here is the Tab article (it has a great header).

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