Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Canvassing in Newton

Today I went out with a group of local Conservatives to canvass for my friend Sam Clark who is standing as a candidate in the Roman Bank by-election. She hopes that the people of Leverington, Newton, Tydd St Giles, Foul Anchor, Tydd Gote, Gorefield and Four Gotes (yes that is a lot of villages) put their faith in her to become the District councillor for the area. It was a lovely day and we had an equally good response from the people we spoke to.

Sam with Cllr Steve Tierney in Newton.

The team split up into half with myself, Sam and my Cllr Steve Tierney canvassing in Newton whilst the others leafleted Tydd St Giles. Newton is a lovely village with some equally great people. They also all know Sam. Seriously, I knocked on so many doors today and virtually all of them knew who she was. Sam is a resident of Newton and also a parish councillor. Sam also organises lots of the villages events and helps people in the community with her job as a carer. It's no wonder why she is very well known then. Sam is also very well known in the surrounding villages for her community efforts. She is a real champion of the people and does a lot for them. Just think about all the other things she could do if she was elected as a Fenland District Councillor.

As you can probably can guess, we got a very good response  on the doors. People are very keen to vote for Sam and the Conservatives, which is always good to see. The leafleters also had a very good day doing a large portion of the ward. All in all we probably canvassed 1/5 of the ward and leafleted 1/4 too. A very successfully day. But we will not stop until all the votes are in and Sam has hopefully been elected to serve.

Residents of Roman Bank please vote for Sam Clark on the 8th May. She is a local champion who will help sort your issues.

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