Saturday, 12 April 2014

Euro Action Day In Wollaton

For the last few weeks the Nottingham Conservatives have been out every Saturday in Wollaton canvassing local opinions with residents' surveys (sadly I have been too busy the last few weekends to help until today). However this Saturday was slightly different as we combined our normal survey about local issues with a message concerning the European Elections on May 22nd. To defend the national interest and to Let Britain Decide, vote Conservative for the Euros.

Getting ready to set off.

We had a fair number of activists out, some coming later in the day, ready to get listen to the problems and concerns of the good people of Wollaton. Also there was Jane Hunt the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Nottingham South. Jane is a really lovely lady and had a very successful time in picking up complaints she will try to sort on the door. 

Jane off to meet some more residents.

There were a number of issues in Wollaton that were raised by residents. One that kept cropping up was state of the pavements and roads. One lady told me she had been living in Wollaton for 42 years and in that time the roads have not been properly resurfaced at all. In my opinion that is an unacceptable amount of time. The problem with actually getting a mass repair of pavements and roads in Wollaton is that the council for a long period have refused consistently to give a lot of money to this project. A few areas have been patched up by the local Conservative councillors with a small pot of money they have, but it is clearly not enough. I have no idea why the council have not been so unhelpful. Some residents told me they were biased against Wollaton. I hope this is not true, it would seem a unfair.

Brendan and his jacket outside the Hemlock Stone and Dragon Pub.

We were later joined by Brendan Clarke Smith, the 5th Conservative MEP candidate on the list for the East Midlands. Brendan is the local Nottingham candidate for the Euros. He lives in Clifton, where he has been a councillor for some time in the past, and is a teacher of politics at a secondary school. Brendan turned up to help in the afternoon, wearing a very 1980s pastel green jacket, after helping Ken Clarke MP in the morning. Ken had been campaigning with Brendan in Rushcliffe on a street stall. There seems to have been a lot of Euro Election campaigning across the country by the Conservatives today. I hope the British public will listen and vote wisely taking into consideration that it is only the Conservatives that will Let Britain Decide over Europe on May 22nd.

There was another prominent local Conservative out in Wollaton too. We were joined by Cllr Roger Steel from Clifton North who always works very hard for Wilford, Silverdale, the Grove and the northern part of the Clifton estate. Roger took some time out from helping his constituents to aid his Conservative friends in Wollaton today. I think it's good to see the local Conservatives working together.  

Jane with Clifton North councillor, Roger Steel.

Another new member of the team was Ifte. He has recently joined the Conservatives and is very keen to help us get a majority government. He has told me he was persuaded to help the Conservatives because of Dave's long term economic plan*. He seriously wants to defend our strong economy as its the only way for people, especially the young, to get back into employment.

Jane and Ifte.

People of Wollaton please vote for the Conservatives and an EU Referendum in the European Elections on May 22nd.

*I hope you're happy Lynton with that line drop, although Ifte genuinely joined the Conservatives for Dave's good economic handling.

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