Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Exclusive: Duffy Speaks To #ThingsElliottSays

#ThingsElliottSays has spoken to Isaac Duffy, who is standing as the North East's Regional CF Chairman. Don't let his age fool you, Isaac has the support of 2 MPs and the Chairman of the National Convention in his election camapaign. He is clearly a young man who has good links and good abilities.

Isaac has told #ThingsElliottSays "I believe there are three factors paramount to Conservative Future in the North East, and if elected I will strive to improve them as much as possible, and insodoing make NECF a larger, more efficient, more effective organisation. We must have more campaigning, more communication, and more members."

Isaac believes campaigning will be key in the next year. There are two Tory MPs in the North East and a number of marginal seats. Isaac thinks "campaigning is the backbone both Conservative Future and the main party. I think it’s of the highest importance we keep the seats we have, notably; Stockton South where James Wharton is the MP. If elected, I pledge not to forget the importance of our target seats and to make sure CF is an active and effective campaigning force in the upcoming months."

A key problem of the past identified by Isaac is communication, not a unique problem in the North East. He pledges if elected "to appoint a new Communications Officer and assure that they are a well-connected individual who can communicate well with all of our local branches and CF on a national level. Their job will include handling publicity about events and assuring all of our members receive invites & are up to date with our activities."

Membership is also key for Duffy's vision of CF in the North East. He promises "to explore a number of new projects to boost membership. I will urge Team2015, University groups, and members of the general party to come out and campaign with us. I believe strongly that social media & better publicity can prove very useful in boosting the turnout at campaigns. If elected, I pledge not to neglect the importance of social evenings or groups such as CPF and their great work."

It will be interesting to see if Duffy gets elected in the North East. He has the backing of James Wharton MP, Guy Opperman MP, Charles Heslop, and CF's own Jasmine Rahman. He does of course have a very large amount of backing from the ranks of the membership as well. The Teeside CF Chair, Cameron Brown, calling him "one of the most active members of our local Branch" and saying "dedication to the Conservatives in the North East is second to none".

#ThingsElliottSays wishes Isaac the best of luck.

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