Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Exceedingly Late #WeeklyPollLowdown

#ThingsElliottSays has received a number of complaints. Of course there is the usual garbage from disgruntled YI members, Sarah Jane, and Cllr Sam Fletcher but this time some eagle eyed readers have pointed out something I am prepared to act upon. The 'weekly' poll put up at the end of February or the beginning of March has yet to finish. Bet you're all excited to see the final results come in.

With 195 there is a very good sample of votes and therefore it can be said with some degree of certainty that the majority of people think the Church of England does have some sway on politics. However, a lot of people still think it has no influence on the nations decision making process.

Does the Church of England have any sway on Politics nowadays?

A bit 

Total votes: 195

The Church seems to have a very limited, if not any power over parliament and its decisions. Of course have a special slot in the House of Lords and the Church of England is still in theory a cornerstone in our constitution that outlines the theocratic absolutist monarchy we live in, but they are no longer striking accord with the legislators.

On social issues the Church has very little power when it comes Acts of Parliament. The Church has opposed greater rights for gay people and women bishops until pretty recently in the grand scheme of things. However, this didn't stop Parliament passing the Equal Marriage Act or pushing for women to have a more equal status for society. Whatever people's views are on the subject the Church is seen by the majority of legislators, many of them committed Christians, as not in touch with modern life.

The Church.

The Church seems to do much better on the face of it at influencing the powers that be on economic matters. Their messages are used especially by the Labour party to promote their ideas of equality. The living wage and zero contract hours have all been backed by the Church of England. This seems somewhat bizarre as the Church comments on Hayek and Keynes using the bible. #ThingsElliottSays does not remember the passage of Jesus backing the living wage*. It seems like the Church has completely gone back on the previous saying of 'the Church of England is the Conservative Party at prayer'. It's backed Labour a lot over recent years, but it is following not leading. Perhaps this is because the Church and its bureaucracy is run more by a metropolitan elite like Labour?

Results of a Con Home poll on the Church's political leanings.

What's most interesting about the state of the Church of England is that when it comes to politics most people form their own views. Look at Dave for instance, a committed Anglican who has backed gay marriage to the hills. Even amongst its active membership the Church finds problems influencing them on matters of politics.

Vote in the next poll.

*Please do not start a theological debate over this point.

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