Monday, 4 August 2014

Exclusive: Incumbent Backs Armstrong As He Releases His Manifesto

Sam Armstrong has received a key nomination today from Richard Harris the incumbent East Midlands Chairman. This comes at the same time as Sam released his manifesto for a better CF to fight the ground war against Labour, UKIP, and what is left of the Lib Dems.

Richard is standing down after serving a single term as East Midlands Chairman. During this time he had success with the East Midlands Conference and inspiring CFers, mainly in his home county of Derbyshire. However, Richard needs to stand down for his council campaign in 2015 and so has exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays he will back Sam as the Chairman for the East Midlands and encourages everyone else he knows in CF to do so.

Sam has told #ThingsElliottSays "I'm delighted that after such a short time I'm already attracting support from right across the region. Richard has served CF loyally as the incumbent Regional Chairman and I'm delighted that he is supporting me."

Dave is supporting Sam, are you?

Sam has also launched his manifesto today for "more members, more action, more branches, more socials, more campaigning."

Campaigning is of course the first concern for everyone in CF now, so in his manifesto Sam says that "the East Midlands is the front line in politics. I will make sure every week there is an email sent out letting everybody know what campaigning is going on. I will also organise action days for any CF candidate standing in council elections." Sam also wants more action telling everyone that "CF right now is gearing up for a war. I will arrange transport for every #Roadtrip2015 and secure funding to subsidise this. I am proud to be the last person in the country to have been to the Party’s hallmark campaign days, and if elected I will make sure EVERYONE in the East Midlands gets the opportunity to do the same."

Sam wants more branches in the East Midlands saying "I am 100% committed to the goal of a branch in every target seat and in every university by the General Election. I will support Area-chairman in doing this and if necessary start branches myself as I have in Nottinghamshire to achieve this. It’s a tragedy that Universities like Loughborough and DMU have no Conservative presence - if I’m elected I’ll do everything I can to rectify this." Linked to this Sam wants to "increase membership of CF in the East Midlands. No excuses."  But a balance must be stroke and this Sam thinks "CF absolutely has to work hard, play harder. I’m always up for a night out and I’ll make sure every CF event I organise ends in an absolute banger."

Sam has some really interesting ideas for the East Midlands and #ThingsElliottSays will keep you posted on what happens next. Sam is by the far the bookies favourite at this point.

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