Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bye, Bye Warsi

I'm no fan on Baroness Warsi. She was purely terrible at her job and probably represents the last of women promoted in the Conservative party because they tick the female box of the modernisers' agenda. Thank god she is gone.

Warsi was an abysmal Party Chairman. In my opinion the best thing about her time in Milbank was that she sent #ThingsElliottSays a letter congratulating him over the help he gave during the 2010 General Election (mind you thousands of these were probably sent out). What did she actualy do? She wasn't very good at invigorating party members and she had no strategy to attack Labour. When Grant Shapps came in he started immediately to attack Labour with the poster of 'Labour Isn't Learning'. Why were we not preparing for the next General Election under Warsi?

Furthermore what did she do in the Foreign Office? All she seemed to do was put up barriers to the policies to control the Trojian Horse problems in some Islamic schools. Furthermore, she tried to stop a government strategy on better integration of communities. She wasn't exactly great when it came to dealing with terrorism or the causes of radicalisation. No wonder she was slowly cut out by the Government and civil servants.

The peak of her career must have been going on Question Time against Nick Griffin. She did shoe him to be the closable racist that he was. Mind you everyone else on that panel did too.

Its a surprise she didn't go in the re-shuffle. Dave has made a mistake because he has to deal with this mad ex-minister briefing against the Government without any satisfaction of getting rid of her himself. Her excuse over Gaza was a feeble one too. She had been rightly sidelined by all other members of the Government because of her incompetence, this was the real reason why she went.

But now at least we have a one good thing to say about all the Women around the Cabinet table. All of them are there because they are good at their jobs. Gone are lefty days in the Conservatives where having a pair of breasts was enough to push you up several notches. The likes of Nicky Morgan, Liz Truss, Esther McVey are there because they are exceptional. We need more women like them.

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  1. First Sarah-Jayne and then Warsi, the Conservative woman problem is getting better day by day.