Monday, 4 August 2014

Exclusive: Harley Steps Down For Annabel

Simon Harley, naval expert and well known CFer, has decided to withdraw his nomination as Best Practice Officer for the CF Elections and back Annabel Shaw instead. Simon ran to be Best Practice Officer in the last CF elections but has decided to pull out this time because he has 'broad sympathy with her [Annabel's] ideas'.

Harley has exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays "I would like to take this opportunity to state that I will not be formally running for the position of Best Practice Officer. Since last Friday, when a draft of my manifesto was leaked to The Blue Guerilla's excellent blog, I have received numerous messages of support from CFers across the country. However, I am afraid to say that for various reasons I am unable to run this time around.

"I will be supporting Annabel Shaw for the position of Best Practice Officer. I'm in broad sympathy with her ideas and I have absolutely no doubt that if elected she'll give the position the time and effort it so sorely deserves. I can recommend her to anyone who wants Best Practice and Conservative Future as a whole taken seriously."

Annabel, who is a member of Team Paterson, has also said to #ThingsElliottSays "I'm thrilled to have the backing of Simon and am so glad that the #TeamPaterson vision for CF and his match so well. It's yet another example of our ambition to make the CF National Executive a broad and inclusive group focused on building a CF that works for the future."

Alexandra Paterson also spoke to #ThingsElliottSays "I'm delightful that Simon Harley is backing Annabel Shaw, the #TeamPaterson candidate for Best Practise Officer. I'm sure Annabel, once elected, will be able to rely on Simons's wealth of experience and his fantastic drive to achieve meaningful change within CF, it's constitution and the way it functions combined with own hard work ethic.

"CF should work hard – and play hard. That’s what I’ll bring to the table as CF Chairman and that's why I want you to join me as a launch my campaign." You can join Team Paterson's campaign launch here.


  1. Harley Will Always Be a Hunk To Me.5 August 2014 at 20:04

    My heart breaks and my bottom lip quivers. Also, Harley is such a hunk. It would've been great to have him run under 'Harley the Hunk: Hunkish, Hawkish, and Hard-Working'.