Friday, 15 August 2014

Campaigning Queen Kude Would Bring London CF Closer To 2015 Victory

These CF elections have featured one major imperative, the ability to win in 2015. Charlotte Kude, who is standing to be London CF Chairman, is one of those exceptional Conservatives who has the ability bring 2015 victory that little bit closer. Kude loves a good party but would be the best person to lead campaigning into the next General Election in the capital.

Kude told #ThingsElliottSays about how much work she has put into campaigning and Road Trip 2015*. "Before Road Trip was created I used to go campaigning every weekend, at least Saturdays and sometimes Sundays too, mainly in target seats. In London but also across the country, I tried to help in the most vulnerable seats in the West Midlands and as far as in the North East too. Then I got involved with Road Trip and at the same time continued to support friends standing for council and Euro-Candidates during the locals and Europeans, which sometimes meant going out during the week as well."

Kude also has a great experience in organisation as well as being a foot soldier on the streets. She said to #ThingsElliottSays "I certainly intend to take the lead with campaigning in London and personally keep in touch with the target constituencies. This work can only be done properly by surrounding myself with the best possible people, dedicated campaigners but also good organisers. I have learnt a great deal on that front with Road Trip, from bringing as many new people as possible to each action day to sorting out transport and accommodation for them and making sure everyone feels part of the team. It has to be a two way deal, you can't simply ask people to turn up without them getting anything in return."

If you want to know who could lead London CF to General Election success look no further than Charlotte Kude.

*The campaigning phenomenon that has showed that partying and leafleting are synonymous.

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