Friday, 19 July 2013

Socialist #Shame

Labour are apparently changing their attitude to James Wharton's Bill on the EU Referendum. Labour backbenchers are trying to make out that their party, both members and leadership, are slowly changing what they think about a vote on Europe. Sadly they are very wrong and thus I say to the whole Labour Party, in Port and Policy style, #Shame.

Port and Policy #Shame to Labour.

For starters the Labour Party wanted its MPs only to abstain at the second reading of the EU referendum Bill. Which is fine if you want to show the world a lack of spine. However, several Labour MPs voted for no guillotine motion on the Bill meaning they were attempting to filibuster the Bill to death. Which shows how great democracy is appreciated by some of our elected representatives. These MPs were:

Diane Abbott, Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Douglas Alexander, Paisley & Renfrewshire South
Heidi Alexander, Lewisham East
Jonathan Ashworth, Leicester South
William Bain, Glasgow North East
Luciana Berger, Liverpool, Wavertree
Lyn Brown, West Ham
Alan Campbell, Tynemouth
Wayne David, Caerphilly
Thomas Docherty, Dunfermline & West Fife
Jim Dowd, Lewisham West & Penge
Michael Dugher, Barnsley East
Jim Fitzpatrick, Poplar & Limehouse
Mike Gapes, Ilford South
Meg Hillier, Hackney South & Shoreditch
Julie Hilling, Bolton West
Huw Irranca-Davies, Ogmore
Graham Jones, Hyndburn
Susan Elan Jones, Clwyd South
David Lammy, Tottenham
Ian Lucas, Wrexham
Kerry McCarthy, Bristol East
Andrew Miller, Ellesmere Port & Neston
Stephen Pound, Ealing North
Emma Reynolds, Wolverhampton North East
Nick Smith, Blaenau Gwent
Mark Tami, Alyn & Deeside
Stephen Timms, East Ham
Karl Turner, Kingston upon Hull East
Chris Williamson, Derby North
Phil Wilson, Sedgefield
Rosie Winterton, Doncaster Central

To these Labour MPs we say jointly #Shame. I hope your constituents remember this well.*

 James Wharton MP is the lucky person having to deal with the shameful Labour MPs trying to wreck the Bill.

But the disgrace becomes greater because Labour and Lib Dem MPs are now attempting to filibuster the Bill in committee stage. Over 20 amendments had be proposed to the Bill some doing things as trivial to change the date. The debate went on for hours with one MP commenting on the historical significance of the date of the 31st December. This was planned to go on through the night and diaries were rearranged for the next day. Yesterday however at 1am the committee finished. James Wharton tweeted of the event 'Finally making progress on EU Ref Bill committee, should get through a few amendments and be well placed to return in Sept #LetBritainDecide.' I do not envy his position doing this again in October.

The EU Referendum Bill is going to have to stay for a very long time a committed stage the way the socialists are behaving. 

To all those Labour and Lib Dem filibusterers #Shame. The people if this country should have their say.

*I would like to point out there are 6 Labour MPs who I exclude from any #Shame because they voted for the EU Referendum Bill. These are: 

Roger Godsiff, Birmingham
Kate Hoey, Vauxhall
Kelvin Hopkins, Luton North
Dennis Skinner, Bolsover
Graham Stringer, Blackley & Broughton
Gisela Stuart, Birmingham, Edgbaston

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