Thursday, 11 July 2013

Exclusive: Nottingham Trent CF Chair Speculation

After thinking about it for several months Amy Atkinson, Nottingham Trent CF Chairman, has resigned. The resignation is based on the grounds of the increased effort she will need to put in for her third and final year. But who will replace her?

Amy Atkinson, Chairman of Nottingham Trent CF.

Amy has said "my time at NTU CF has been a great one and despite all of the stresses that come with it, it has been one of the best things I have done in my life" Amy has indeed had a very successful time as Chairman organising a recent trip to parliament with East Midlands CF and the many Pint and Policy events that have happened.  

Colonel Cooper should buy Amy some KFC.

CF Chair, Colonel Cooper, said to her "You've done a great job as chairman, Amy - you're making the right decision in the circumstances." I'm sure he will send her a bucket of KFC in thanks for her good work. Richard Harris, the East Midlands Regional Chairman, has said that he "fully supports her decision as her education must come first. It is however a shame she had to step down but she will remain on regional exec, vice chairman university colleges." Amy has also sensationally revealed, in TBG style, she'll "help in the fresher's fair to try and get new people" and remain an active member.

Amy by the Sovereign's Entrance on the recent trip to Parliament.

So where next for NTU? Well an AGM will be held for Amy's position in October. So who are some of the possible contenders for the race to be the next chairman?

#ThingsElliottSays goes to lots of Trent Events.

Nadim Muslim

Nadim may soon, yet again, be leader of NTUCF.

Nadim was the previous chairman of Nottingham Trent CF and put a lot of work into setting it up. He was beaten in election last year by Amy to be Chairman but has still been majorly involved serving on the committee and attending events regularly. Nadim is also the Deputy Chairman Membership for Nottingham and Regional Secretary for the East Midlands. He is very well known across the area and has a reputation for being solid pair of hands, he is also very popular with NUCA as he attends a lot of their events. Speculation from people about him running is rife but he has said "We'll see" when asked about it. The only thing holding back Nadim from doing it is the work he must put in for his 3rd year.

Odds 3:4

Will Millard

Michael Gove is backing Will, are you?

Will is another Nottingham Trent founder but has spent time in the US of A this year*. Because of this he is not as well known although is fairly competent too, being the Vice Chairman for Stratford-upon-Avon, Kenilworth & Southam Conservative Future. Will faces one big problem despite these advantages. He will be in Strasbourg working with the European Parliament. Will has said "I would gladly should the group offer it, take up the gauntlet of chairmanship but I'm in Strasbourg for a year." I would count Will as a possible if Nadim does not want to do it.

Odds 3:10

Graham Cox
Graham is a friendly and a good bet for a fun time.

Graham is also another member of NTUCF that has been fairly active. He is a first year, which may be of benefit to him as he has less work to do next year. But of course it may turn out that Graham lacks his opponents experience at Trent. Having said this he is chair of his CF branch at home and was recently elected treasurer, which will boost his weakest point. Graham is also very friendly and has a good reputation so with a whole load of freshers coming to Nottingham Trent he may be in with a good chance.

Odds 6:11

There may be others also ...

Place your bets. email me your bank details and I will make sure you receive winnings if the person becomes chair (for legal purposes this is a joke).

*Probably getting into the country swing with Luc Chignell.

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