Monday, 15 July 2013

'Historical Error'

Yesterday saw a victory, just, by England in the cricket against the Australians. Hurray! I was not there to see it, although Trent Bridge is pretty near to Nottingham Uni and I have been before. But someone I have met at Trent Bridge before was there and that was Ken Clarke MP. But as well as watching cricket Ken has been busy telling us that we should never, ever, consider leaving the EU as it would be a 'historical error' and does not back 'unilateral repatriation of powers'.

Ken was yesterday spotted getting a drink as well as asking for money for his carpet that was ruined by Bukkake.

I'm always very confused by Ken Clarke because when he's talks about the fixing of our economy back in the 1980s, where he played a part, he rightly points out how uncompetitive Britain was and the need to deal with inflation. Yet at the same time he wishes to push us closer to a Europe which is plainly uncompetitive and can only have a negative effect on our economy. He also is one of the rare few who still backs the decision to go into the Euro and thinks the ERM was a good idea; but we need need this monetary control to help our economy at the moment. Unsurprisingly Ken did not back the bill on the EU referendum.

Ken Chillaxing at Trent Bridge a few days ago.

Because of Ken's bizarre set of views its no surprise that Ken is fronting the team with Peter Mandelson and Danny Alexander to make sure UK stays in the Euro. These last two are people that any other Conservative would spurn when taking a podium with them on the matters of Europe because they are both solidly for Britain joining in with the up and coming political union. Mandelson spent many years as a European Commissioner whilst Danny Alexander is a Lib Dem.

These three have produced a manifesto for staying in the EU where they want no particular change except they want the EU to be 'leaner and meaner', emphasis on the meaner. Despite the popular distress from extra powers not wanted from Brussels that are constricting the economy and people's everyday lives, Ken wants to remain 'doggedly engaged in Europe'. Ken isn't fooling anyone however because we know that him and everyone else in this group want to remain in Europe and want to go fully in. If the 'In' camp wants to win the referendum in 2017 I'd keep those who believe in moving closer into Europe away.  

I'm quite disappointed with Ken because I like him, I just dislike many things he stands for which is a real shame. 

Ken smoking a Churchillian Cigar.

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