Thursday, 11 July 2013

Breaking News: Voting in NTUCF for Nadim Muslim to be Interim Chair

After the resignation of NTUCF Chairman, Amy Atkinson, this morning (see it has been decided there will be a vote on whether Nadim Muslim should be made interim chair.

Nadim is the proposed interim chairman at Nottingham Trent University CF.

It was suggested by Graham Cox, tipped as a potential candidate for chairman, that between now and the October AGM an interim chair be found to carry out the already set plans for the Fresher's Fair and any issues that come up between then. Graham also suggested that Nadim take on this role but that he stand aside at the mandatory SU elections in November for some of the incoming freshers.

Nottingham Trent members are currently voting on the question of whether 'Nadim Muslim should take on the role of interim-Chairman of NTU CF until October 2013, when official elections can take place?' Nadim so far has the backing of Amy.

Graham has ruled himself out of standing for Trent CF Chair.

It seems that #ThingsElliottSays was right in predicting a chairmanship for Nadim, odds are now 5/6 for Nadim. Graham has also ruled himself out from standing as chairman "it's important I keep student politics at arms length for myself" citing a greater role in his home constituency of North-West Leicestershire.

#ThingsElliottSays will keep you updated with what is going on at Nottingham Trent CF.

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