Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Exclusive: #ThingsTomHuntSays

#ThingsElliottSays has got an exclusive interview with Cllr Tom Hunt who has been selected 5th on the list of Conservative MEPs in the East. Congratulations Tom and I hope he appreciates the support we gave him (see ).

Tom is "going to work very hard' over the next year to make sure the Conservatives come top in the region poll." His first campaigning stop will be UKIP Ramsey then Wisbech as he will be "on the offensive, winning back the voters that left us."

If elected to be an MEP Tom will firstly "relentlessly call for any association with ever closer union to be ended." He would also kick of the renegotiation process with Europe straight away and wants to focus on social employment law. Tom says "Blair got rid of our opt out in 1998, I want it back. Social employment regulations should flow from a national culture, debated nationally, not plunked down upon a country in an identikit way." On a separate note Tom also says "though not EU linked, because its drive by the same ideology, we should pull out of the European Convention of human rights, scrap the human right act, and have a new bill of rights in keeping with our national culture."

 Tom will be tirelessly working if elected to be an MEP to try stop the EU from interfering with our everyday lives.

Tom thinks that the referendum on the EU, only proposed by the Conservative Party, will be 'critical' in helping to win the EU elections. "Its not just about Europe, its about the political elite trusting the people. Our relationship with the EU goes right to the heart of the disconnect between peoples and politics. Ultimately, our relationship with the EU is about "who governs", surely the people should decide who governs
that's why we have elections after all."

On the vote itself Tom says that "unless, written in stone, there is a complete end to our association with ever closer union and further integration' with 'significant return of core competencies, I would vote to leave."

Make sure you vote Conservative during the EU elections so Tom gets a chance to make sure Britain comes first.

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  1. This guy is like the Tory Greg James.