Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Congrats to Anna

Well done to Anna Soubry MP, who has been reselected as candidate for the Conservatives for Broxtowe in 2015. If you live in Beeston you're technically not in Nottingham; you're in the Broxtowe constituency.  

Anna has said “It is an honour to represent Broxtowe and I aim to continue working for the people in Broxtowe in years to come as their MP. It is a pleasure to take up the issues that matter most to my constituents - restoring our economy, protecting our Green Belt and supporting our great schools and Academies".

 Anna is helping the campaign to save Toton's greenbelt.

Anna has been a great local MP so far concentrating on lots of local issues. She has made quite a big thing of protecting the Green Belt at Toton where the Labour and Liberals in the local council want to build 750 homes. I actually helped her with Luc Chignell and some chaps from Nottingham Trent by delivering a whole load of leaflets to the good people of Toton down a very long and hilly street.

Anna Soubry is a great MP. If you live in Broxtowe make sure you vote for her. take a look at her website  and sign up for her regular email updates.

Congratulations to Anna.

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