Monday, 29 July 2013

Students to Pay Bin Tax?

Students are always treated badly in general by local government. Take Nottingham for example. The Labour run council has slapped parking permit charges on Students and is trying to make us move from the Lenton area, where most Students live, to off campus halls like accommodation where the rent is near £120 a week. I always find this surprising considering how much money students bring to the local economy and that any tax loss is made up by Eric Pickles. But then again it is partially students fault as they are seen as less likely to vote than usual citizens.

 Nottingham Council, like many a inner-city council, treat their students badly.

But a new idea from local councils has come about to make money and abuse students and that is the bin tax. Local people in a city will still be charged nothing for rubbish collection but students will have to pay £11 for the use of a communal bin. This may be paid by students themselves but is more likely to be charged to landlords increasing rents. Bristol, Sheffield and Manchester are the main councils looking into this charge and have said that they have the power to do this. All of these are Labour run councils, is that a coincidence? 

 Some councils want us students to pay to get rid of our rubbish.

Students however owe a great deal to Eric Pickles, the Conservative Community Secretary. Eric Pickles says that this move is 'sneaky', could leave to a growth in fly tipping and bad for Community relations. Big Eric has also said "instead of using students as a revenue generator, local authorities should be working with them." The laws that allow councils to charge for a bin tax are going against the intention of the regulations of waste disposal. Any move against students could thus be legally challenged by Eric or victimised students.

Eric Pickles is going to make sure that students are treated fairly by councils wishing to extort money.

Labour despite all the hot air about caring for students actually tries to make their lives worse by slapping back door taxes on them. Don't vote for them in your local area. Lets just hope the Bin Tax doesn't become a reality. 

 Do you remember George Osborne's Byron Burger? Well this was Eric's response to it.

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  1. Part of me hopes that this will happen, just to wake up students to the fact that Labour are not on their side. Want your bins collected? Labour want you to pay extra to have them collected less frequently, then fine you for putting yoghurt pots in your recycling or leaving your bin out on the street overnight. Want to work hard and succeed in life? Labour want to impede you with red tape then take as much of the money you earn as they can get away with. Want to live a quiet life, raise a family, save for retirement? Labour want to regulate every aspect of your life, intrude on your privacy, tell you how to raise your children and then raid your pension fund to pay for their profligacy. It's time students realised voting for Labour is not in their interests; maybe stunts like these will help wake them up.