Monday, 8 July 2013

Vote Cllr Tom Hunt

Its European voting election time for the order on the ballot paper for the proportional list if you're a Conservative Party Member. There are two lots of voting firstly ranking the existing MEPs in your personal preference and then voting for candidates you think should be on the list. For that later one I would like to strongly recommend one person to vote for and that is Tom Hunt.

Tom is a district Councillor for Ely who looks after his constituents well after winning a seat off the Liberal Democrats back in 2011. Tom has also been across the Cambridgeshire regularly to help the Conservative cause in multiple elections and will spend a full 2 months non-stop campaigning when it is time for the European Elections. From my own experience of him out on the doorstep it is clear that he has a great amount of energy and is very sharp in knowing exactly how things should be run. On top of this Tom has aided Conservative Future so much at constituency, area and regional level as well as working across the Region for Geoffrey Van Orden MEP.

Tom with Geoffrey Van Orden MEP out campaigning in the Eastern Region. 

Tom says that he wants to do something now that he has seen how the EU "often for the worse" effects "our local businesses, farmers, fishermen and people." Tom will combine his campaigning knowledge and real heartfelt desire for change to actively make sure that the people of the East are very well represented and always on the mind of the faceless commissioners.

Tom Hunt will be a great representative of the people of the East and will certainly be a loud voice in the EU Parliament.

On the issue of the in out referendum Tom is backing the PM and is readying himself for some real huge powers to be brought back from Brussels. However, Tom says he will decide closer to the time whether Dave has done enough for the EU to start to help Britain and thus whether he should vote to stay in or out. Quite bravely for someone potentially standing for election Tom has said "Unless there is substantial change in our relationship with the EU, I would vote to leave the European Union."

Make sure you vote for Tom Hunt and also vote in the Euro Elections poll on the sidebar.

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