Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Poor Old Chancellor

Poor old George Osborne he's taking a lot of rather irrelevant hate today. To be honest I'm not George Osborne's biggest fan. This is not because he is grinding the face of the poor but because he isn't helping them enough by cutting the deficit and growing the economy enough. People also hate the Chancellor always because he is one who is charge of taking half of a person's income only to waste it on some stupid project. Gideon is probably very much used to people hating him in a minor sort of way for being the Chancellor.

But today he is being linked by insinuation to the 'desolate' North East question that Lord Howell of Guildford made when talking about fracking. I don't agree with what Lord Howell said about the North East because it is not 'desolate'. All-right, it has a lower density of population and thus it may be easier to frack there without complaint but the North East is not devoid of human civilisation. He has rightly apologised for these remarks.

 Lord Howell just happens to be the a peer and George Osborne's father.

What I don't particularly get is why Osborne is so linked to this other than Lord Howell being his father in law. It's not like he is Osborne's mouth piece on earth or that Lord Howell isn't a public figure and should bare responsibility. But the media have been having a field day on it so that Osborne receives some association to these unthoughtful words. I'm all for blaming people but not for things they haven't done. All father in laws are embarrassing, maybe Lord Howell doesn't do dodgy dances at weddings but insults everybody being talked about.  

Breaking News From Sky, George Osborne has father in law because he is married. 

So don't take it out on the Chancellor irrelevantly.

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