Saturday, 13 July 2013

Breaking News: Nadim Muslim New Nottingham Trent CF Interim Chair

Nadim Muslim is one step closer to becoming the Chairman at Nottingham Trent CF after the resignation of Amy Atkinson.

Nadim is the new Interim Chair at Nottingham Trent CF

This was decided after an idea proposed by Graham Cox that Nadim become Interim chair to use his experience (see This was put to a vote online that lasted until 12pm today on the NTUCF Facebook page with the results that Graham's proposition was unanimously backed. Nadim will now oversee the society till the October AGM  overseeing plans for the freshers fair and other issues that arise. #ThingsElliottSays will be increasing the odds of Nadim becoming new chair in October to 9/11 as Nadim being chairman will give him a better standing with new freshers. Nadim however has said "'there has been no decision to stand for Chairman come the elections."

Nadim's main task before the AGM will be to make sure the freshers fair runs smoothly. I'm sure there are plenty of generation Y members ready to join.

Nadim has said exclusively to #ThingsElliottSays that "I'm pleased that people want me to take on the role. Amy has done a terrific job with her preparations for the start of the next academic year and I'll be working to implement them, ensuring everything goes smoothly."

Nadim is Backed by Boris.

#ThingsElliottSays wishes Nadim very well in the most sensational of all ways that could ever be achieved on TBG.

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