Thursday, 4 July 2013

Energy Swindle

You are being swindled. No its not some sort of online fraudster it's the government again. So much of your yearly energy bill is made up of energy taxes. This can be a downright VAT to paying for subsidising wind turbines because they don't make enough energy.

Nor is the government making it any easier. It is only just starting to use Shale Gas that will bring down energy prices and bring up the economy (thank god for the recent change see Nor will it tackle the fix that the big six energy companies have on prices. Indeed it is starting to reinforce that with plans to make sure everyone is on the lowest tariff because the companies will just raise there prices.

Fuel Poverty is a real big problem in Britain. Ed Davey's department really has a lot to answer for.

In 2011 because of all this 4.5 million households are in fuel poverty, which is defined as having more than 10% of income spent on energy prices. Sadly many pensioners are dying every year; fuel poverty is a killer and the government is making it so much worse.

And it's about to get worse. The average household spend per year on gas and electricity is £1460, however predictions by the Tax Payers Alliance put the Bill at £1883.40 in 2020 and £2920.00 in 2030. This is utterly unaffordable for families and fuel poverty is only set to widen when bills double.

So what can you do? Well make sure you send a letter to your MP from the Taxpayers Alliance Energy Swindle website. You can check out your energy bill on the site, compare it to what it will look like in 2020 and 2030, and see how much you pay as an energy tax.

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