Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sarah Jane's Election Complaint Thrown Out

Today #ThingsElliottSays has heard confirmation from his sources that the Royal Holloway election scandal is over, which will deeply annoy Sarah Jane Sewell. Royal Holloway SU has emailed the Conservatives to say Sarah Jane's complaint against the society has been well and truly kicked out.

SJS' complaint to Royal Holloway SU has been kicked out.

After the legitimate election of Antonia Jade King, Sarah Jane contested the results of the RHCF leadership vote by complaining formally to the Royal Holloway SU. Sarah Jane argued that the election was invalid because Antonia Jade asked people not to vote for her, which we in the political business call canvassing. The SU quickly dismissed this charge as they believed it to be ridiculous. An email has been sent to members of Royal Holloway Conservatives describing their decsion and that Antonia Jade is the rightful President. One source told #ThingsElliottSays the SU thought Sarah Jane's complaints 'had no basis and was built around personal vengeance'.

Antonia Jade is now indisputably in charge at RHCF.

Sadly #ThingsElliottSays cannot show you this email, despite it probably being a gold mine of hilarity, because Royal Holloway CFers would get in trouble if the email's exact content was revealed. However, #ThingsElliottSays has soldiered in the mission for more facts and has found out that Antonia Jade is very excited about running Royal Holloway Conservatives and glad that this saga is over.

Sarah Jane has a new fan club.

#ThingsElliottSays wishes Antonia Jade the best of luck on running RHCF and from what he has seen of her believes she will take care of the members well.


  1. Are you and Antonia an item?

  2. No, she would need to change gender. Lovely lady though.