Saturday, 21 December 2013

National CF Competition: Search for the Soundest University

You may have seen or heard rumour recently that Birmingham and other CF have done a political compass test of all their members to see where they lie. Well there is now a national CF competition across all branches to see who is the soundest. #ThingsElliottSays is carrying out this competition in NUCA (who realistically we already know is the best CF branch). #ThingsEllliottSays is thus asking NUCA members to fill out the political compass test and then send me the results over Facebook or to Once that is done I will then plot all the members positions on the graph and we shall see who is the soundest group of CFers. NUCA peeps have till the 4th Jan to send me their results.

These are the Birmingham CF results:

And this is #ThingsElliottSays' result.

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