Thursday, 12 December 2013

Muppet's Pledge

Julian Huppert the Lib Dem MP for Cambridge has kicked off the new year pledges season for those in Parliament. Julian has an amazing reputation in my home county of Cambridgeshire where he is known as Julian Muppet. This name is not surprising when he has backed the scrapping of Trident, is massively for the EU and has as his top priority the statutory registration of hairdressers. Maybe we'll cross path over the weekend at YBF? Anyway, this is what he has pledged.

Can we trust Julian on his pledge though considering the last one he made has gone down in history.

At least he is not making this one with Cleggers who is having to make do and mend more than his clothes.


  1. He'd be better off with a bit less "making do and mending" to be honest. Go buy a new suit, man.

  2. Stil beat the Tory candidate though... you're a muppet