Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Nottingham Uni is Sound(ish)

Out of all of the country's universities Nottingham is probably the most Tory, or rather the least blindly left-wing. The walls of Nottingham SU are a far cry from those of Manchester which has socialist and communist propaganda cover the building like wall paper. In comparison to Manchester #ThingsElliottSays has been sent by one of his sources two pictures that show how socialist propaganda and graffiti is 'respected' at UoN.

Rightly the Leftie who wrote this is described as an 'idiot' in the top left.

Seems like the revolution is going well when the comment rated 9/10 believes abolishing the Private Sector is a 's#*t' idea .

It seems that the students at Nottingham University are not keen on this sort of Leftie claptrap. This has been show in the past when they refused to allow striking miners to do collections on campus in the 1980s and last year rejected a motion to force all students on campus to have one view on abortion.

The only question left to answer is this. Was it Duncan or Archie who wrote this graffiti?

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