Monday, 30 December 2013

#ThingsElliottSays Top 10 of 2013

Every blog seems to do a sum up near the end of the year of the number of hits and the ten most popular posts. Who am I to break this tradition. This year I received 46,249 views as of 1:30pm on 30th December. Here is the chart of views for this year.

These are the top ten blog pieces from #ThingsElliottSays of 2013*.

1)New Poll. A New Poll to see who was the favourite to win the CF elections.
2)Sewell Hypocrisy. Sarah Jane pretends to be angry over striking lecturers.
3)Sarah Jane Becomes the Despot of Royal Holloway. Sarah Jane refuses to hand over power after losing the RHCF elections.
4)Sarah Jane Sewell to Stand as CF Chairman. Sarah Jane announces at CPC13 her candidacy as CF Chairman.
5)Oli Cooper Opponents' Stoop to New Lows. Opponents of Oliver Cooper during the CF elections resort to bullying.
6)A Conflict of Friendship Over Sarah Jane. Why #ThingsElliottSays refuses to back Sarah Jane any further in CF.
7)CF Halloween Party Attended by a Handful. CF Halloween party flops big time.
8)Labour Campaign for Wrong Ward in By-Election. The Labour Party campaign in the wrong ward for the Haydon-Wick by-election.
9)NUCA Dinner. Record of the NUCA Dinner which went on Guido Fawkes.
10)Antonia Jade Now King of Royal Holloway. Antonia Jade beats Sarah Jane as President of RHCF.

So quite an eventful year with you liking news about Sarah Jane Sewell the most. Over the last few months visitors to #ThingsElliottSays my blog have doubled and I hope this is a continuing trend for the future.

*I started this blog in late January of this year so this covers pretty much the whole of the year.

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