Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fall of the Nottingham Wall

Well after the fall of the Iron Curtain across Nottingham I am finally free. My essays are over and I can now return to daily posts for #ThingsElliottSays, have you missed it? What have I learnt whilst I have been away.

1) Always contain communism to give free people hope.

2) Japan had an burgeoning democracy and that the military and bureaucracy will try gain more power even if it ends democracy.

3) The First British Empire was built on mercantalism (essentially state capitalism), what made Britain great was internal free trade built on farming.

4) Kennedy has a lot to answer for in the Vietnam War and make sure you understand your enemy, don't just wonder in and hope for the best.

So anyway its back to the normal routine commenting on the current events of the time. I will also be going back over some of the things I felt to be important recently. But don't get too comfy for I am off to YBF so will be gone Friday to Sunday (i'll give a good low down of what happened at YBF without mentioning who said what as per Chatham House rules).

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