Sunday, 29 December 2013

#ThingsElliottSays' Best Politician of the Year Award

Now that 2013 is almost up it is time for #ThingsElliottSays to name the best politician of 2015. This sounds harder than you would think considering there are loads of politicians that have done a lot of good this year. Eric Pickles for example could have been nominated for his work in giving local councils more powers and stopping the Student Bin Tax. Eric Pickles definitely gets a big thumbs up for his budget salad eating photo or his road trip around America (partially brought about by Daniel Falvey of NUCA fame). Eric has most definitely been the funniest politician of the year.

Eric meets Eric

But the winner this year has to be Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow, for forcing the Conservative Party to connect with voters.

Rob and his Thatcher slippers.

If you own a car you are saving hundreds of pounds a year because of Robert Halfon and his campaign to freeze and cut fuel duty. The people of Britain have a lot to thank him for and so in turn does the Conservative Party because by helping people on day to day issues we gain trust from the electorate. The Conservatives in Government are there to serve the people who put them in place, which is the ordinary people up and down the country who would like their lives to be a little easier. The cutting of fuel duty directly helps ordinary hard working people up and down the country and that is what some of them will remember when going to the ballot boxes in 2015 and voting Conservative.

Rob should also win a fashion award for wearing this in the Commons chamber.

Taking the language of the Left was also another good point Rob has made. The Conservatives aren't as good as Labour of using emotive and caring language when presenting their case that is on terms with ordinary voters. It is very easy to just real off statistics about how big our economic problems are or how much we have saved from the public purses but it simply doesn't win votes. Our language has to be about caring for future generations and looking after people's jobs. We also need to be more emotive in our language because it makes a personal connection in a way that percentages just don't. We have a moral duty to enact Conservative policies upon this country and yet we never talk about the good and brilliant things we have done in government in such a way. Its very cold fish and puts people off, as well as making look like we don't care in some cases.

Rob has done a lot and has some great ideas like making sure everyone is on a living wage through tax cuts and to rename the Conservative Party the 'Workers Party' to accurately reflect the objective of aspiration. But if Robert Halfon has taught the Conservatives anything  it is to campaign for the things that matter to people's lives and then talk about these things using caring language. It has worked for Rob in Harlow so much so that local trade unions are backing him in 2015. He is a worthy winner of the #ThingsElliottSays' best politician of the year award.

With Rob Halfon at the YBF Conference.


  1. How is it that you look like a super villain in every photo of you taken with a politician?

  2. My one with the Moggster is good. This was done quickly and in bad light.