Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Elm and Christchurch By-election

Today I have been out in Elm, Friday Bridge and Christchurch encouraging the good folk of these wonderful villages to vote for Michelle Tanfield, the Conservative candidate in the Elm and Christchurch by-election. This by-election has been caused by the sad death of Mac Cotterall, a great local hero in all respects who party members and residents respected well.

Out and about in the ward. 
Michelle is a very hard-working candidate who owns her own business and gets things done in politics. Most importantly Michelle is a loving mother who wants the best for her family in Fenland. Because of these things Michelle is "very aware of the challenges facing families in this current climate" and she "truly understands the pressure businesses are through right now."

Michelle and Cllr Steve Tierney out campaigning today.

Michelle has pledged to:

  1. Help people stand tall and be proud of the community that is created.
  2. Make sure families are supported and there is always somewhere for children to play.
  3. Protect the local villages unique and delightful features and push for repair of those that need renovation.
  4. Inspire people to build businesses that give so much to the local community
  5. To support the Conservatives pledge for an in/out referendum on the EU. Despite this not being a local issue she recognises that people need to their say.

Michelle working hard for you.

If you would like more information about Michelle do not hesitate to call her on 07908707129. She will be a very good councillor if you elect her to take your case to Fenland District Council. So for a hard working Conservative councillor vote Michelle Tanfield on the 19th December.

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