Monday, 21 January 2013

Exclusive: Sarah-Jane Sewell’s manifesto leaks

#thingselliottsays has gained exclusive knowledge about what will appear in the Sarah-Jane Sewell’s manifesto. Sarah-Jane, as you probably know, is running to be re-elected as National Deputy Chairman (Membership) for Conservative Future and wants to focus, if elected again, on getting CF better connected across the country in two major ways.

Sarah Jane wants to re-establish CFTV, where branches and CF members can send in videos about events, social action projects and anything going on with the Tories in their area. This would then be edited and placed on YouTube for all to see. She also foresees this as a good way of the national and local executive contacting CF members very regularly with vlogs.

Sarah-Jane also wants a ‘meet the chairman’ style online chat. Conservative Future members would be able to go on to the website and demand to know the answers to questions from the chairman live. This would happen often as well, most likely every fortnight but if popular every week, and last for an hour or two.

This is unlikely to be the only things Sarah-Jane will pledge to do so #thingselliottsays will keep you informed of any future developments. However, I will not try to bore people to death with the CF elections, particularly as they are very far away.


  1. These are excellent ideas!

  2. Two hours of "meet the chairman" live chat every week? Life doesn't get better than that... ; )

  3. Not at all bias then Elliot?

  4. Its no secret I do particularly support Sarah Jane. We are close school friends and I have endorsed her website. Its hard to escape from any personal bias.