Sunday, 20 January 2013

Getting Rid of Gordon

As you may know Gordon Brown graced us all with his presence this week in the House of Commons, oh what joy. However, you’d be pleased to know that there are plans a foot to make sure we do not have to suffer Gordon again. Unfortunately, unlike how the US could, if they wanted, deport Piers Morgan we cannot do the same with Gordon. I think the best way to start then is to support the Great Gordon Brown Repeal Bill.

The Great Gordon Brown Repeal Bill will be debated in parliament on Tuesday and is about scrapping Gordon’s awful hiking of the 10p tax rate. I support cutting the vast majority of taxes and this is no exception. When Gordon and his magpie chancellor decided to get rid of the 10p rate he landed a bill on the poorest in society of £232. Not only is this unfair but means the government loses revenue which can be spent sensibly on things people need, helping the economy and people too. Indeed the £6 billion hole in the treasury budget may be partially saved on benefit payments which will help the country overcome the welfare cliff we may soon fall off.

I think the Conservatives should put pressure, like we did last year on the 50p tax rate, to have this in the next budget, as well as voting for the Bill in the House. And you can help to by signing the petition to CutTaxTo10p

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