Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Out, Out, Out

Unless you have taken up residence on Mars you would have heard that David Cameron is offering a referendum on the EU in 2017 if the Conservatives get elected. I’m going to explore a few facts about this and then say why I am advocating an Out vote.

David Cameron has not done this because he genuinely wants a huge renegotiation of European powers it is because, like with everything he does, he is being fairly pragmatic. David Cameron believes that the occasional policy from the EU is a bit wacky but that we should stay in. Whatever he gets after these rounds of negotiation he will still advocate staying in, even if it’s nearly nothing. Cameron has called this referendum because he realises that if he doesn't he’d personally be destroyed by 2015, even if the Conservatives do win the next general election, he is likely replaced as leader. Cameron is not the new Thatcher bravely tackling a European super-state, he is someone with no other option. But what matters most is not his reasoning but the fact we will get a say.

I will now tell you why I’m advocating an Out vote and I will do this, at first, by saying what Cameron would have to do to change my mind.

1) A veto on every single new law that is made by Brussels. Most of these do not suit the UK and are taking up to 40% of government time to implement.

2) Abolition of the CAP.

This has been a coup for inefficient French and southern Italian farming wrecking any market forces left in the agriculture sector. It is bad for the industry and gets worse every time food prices increase. Not good for the cost of living and also for those in other parts of the world who sadly are starving due to high food prices.

3) Increase in the British Rebate. We used to have a lot more till Tony Blair gave most of it away.

4) Revision of the common fisheries policy. Why throw away dead, edible and economicly worthwhile fish for no good reason.

5) No President of the EU. I’d team this with an overall growth in democracy in the Union.

6) No single market. Sadly the single market is not a single market with free trade but a protectionist union. With the exception of Germany and Holland, the European economy and market is shrinking. We have no free trade with the USA or emerging markets for goodness sakes.

7) Control of immigration to be brought back to the UK. I'm not like some people who are concerned about foreign people and foreign values invading Britain and all that nonsense. People from across the World and Europe coming to Britain add massively to our economy. Sadly though our economy is still too much led by government which means mass migration effects local services negatively. Not good.

If I have missed anything glaring out I do apologise. Also where applicable I’d like to see these policies applied to the rest of Europe for a more free market and more democratic World.

Mr Cameron will not come close to most of these. I don't think he will personally want most of this. Also the EU will not let these powers go and give the Prime Minister a pittance in attempt to placate his rather small stomach.

But most importantly the British Foreign Office will not have it. There is no desire in the civil service to leave the EU. This is mostly because a large chunk of their jobs depend on Europe but also because they are politically set against leaving. Almost everyone in the Foreign Office tried to stop Margaret Thatcher the rebate from the ECC. If it wasn't for her personal drive she wouldn't have got anything. Indeed it could be said that Thatcher never achieved the full £1 Billion she was after because of the trenchant struggle of the Foreign Office officials.

This is why I advocate Out. David Cameron will not get enough of what is needed. 

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  1. But its a great opportunity to campaign for out and surprise David with the result. : )