Thursday, 31 January 2013


On Tuesday and Wednesday NUCA went to Brussels. We were invited to go by Emma McClarkin, the MEP for the East Midlands. The trip on the whole was fairly enjoyable. I ate lots of mussels and drank lots of very strong Belgium beer. We spent most our time in the centre of Brussels and only really left to get the Eurostar on the metro (see video below of what the metro is like).

However, we were invited to go to see the European Parliament and not just have a massive party so we had to go see the building for 2 hours. The building itself was immense and very modern. But it was covered in posters of self congratulation over achieving peace in Europe from 1945. But this isn't particularly true. firstly the EU wasn't around in 1945 and didn't really get itself going till the late 60s. It was NATO and the looser alliance between the West and US beforehand that kept peace in Europe. But no one in Brussels would say this considering how much they hate the US for no other reason than Europe being economically and militarily inferior to it. Also has the EU been a force for peace? I don’t see many Greeks and Spaniards rioting peacefully against centrally imposed austerity nor are the people of Bosnia happy that the EU from their own inaction allowed a war to kill many thousands in the former Yugoslavia.

The Museum of the EU which we saw next was equally full of such lies claiming to be accountable for the first man in space, despite him being Russian, the Friday peace agreement, which they weren't involved in, and ending the Icelandic volcano eruption in 2010, although I wasn't aware of the ability to control natural disasters. Furthermore one lady was very much missing from the quite detailed history of the EU, but don’t worry we made sure she was added by writing the phrase ‘NO! NO! NO!’ to many posters, boards and the only picture we could find of her.

After this we had two talks about the EU. One was from the educational officer, a committed Europhile that would make even Nick Clegg cringe. This chap tried to argue that democracy can’t be a part of the EU because it would be against the interest of Euro-sceptics for an elected Commission or power switched from to the Parliament on account of more sovereignty being lost.  Personally I don’t understand how switching powers creates more and clearly having a quasi-communist dictatorship is preferable.

Luckily our minds were saved from such foolishness by Emma McClarkin who is by all accounts a proper Tory. She has been highly critical of the EU for trying to have the Bulgarian MAFIA run the commission, debating whether Chicken was a meat (apparently the Danish took issue with this) and the architectural design of the parliament, which keeps caving in. Effectively from what I heard the EU is far worse than anyone can imagine which quite frankly is scary.  Nothing short of ex-Euro Communists trying to create a new USSR describes what I heard and saw.

It’s quite clear the EU has nothing to do with trade considering it debates more the creation of an EU army than ending the financial crisis. Quite frankly anyone who wishes to see neither drastic reform to the EU or leave is making sure this country sleep walks into a future fate on a level of letting excepting dictatorship. I hope we leave because we’ll be freeing the people of Europe. At least some people in the Conservative party actually support a free society rather than contradictory buzzwords.

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