Monday, 30 June 2014

Conservatives Improve Nottingham Train Station

A lot of people ask, for obvious reasons, "what has the Government done for me?" For the people of Nottingham there is one answer to this question that is very apparent and makes life a bit easier for most people.

Over the last few weeks people have been getting this leaflet in Nottingham telling them about the new developments in Nottingham Station. The main building has been redevelopment, track has been improved and more platforms have been added. Overall this extra investment has mean increased capacity and a much easier ride for all Train users in Nottingham. As a prolific user of Nottingham Train station I am very pleased with the new developments and what they have done. The new re-development of the entrance building is the pinnacle of this. It looks great.

The great new  redevelopments to the entrance building.

The Conservative led Government put up £43.2 million to renovate Nottingham Train station and it most certainly has been worth it. This investment will lead to much more business in Nottingham which means more jobs and higher wages. Its great to see that the Conservatives are doing so much to improve Nottingham Station and thus investing in the people who use it.

Jane at Nottingham Station with Tory Party Chairman, Grant Shapps MP. 

Jane Hunt, who is standing as the prospective MP for Nottingham South, has said "I’m delighted that the Conservatives have delivered considerable investment in Nottingham’s infrastructure ... the train station upgrade was long-overdue. Investment now needs to go further to continue our city’s expansion as a cultural and business hub in the East Midlands. I’ll do all I can to deliver that investment."

Jane with Transport Minister, Stephen Hammond MP.

In fact the Conservatives, under former miner and now Transport Secretary Patrick McCoughlin, are investing in trains and the railways across the country with record levels of spending, despite government cuts and other huge rail projects like HS2. Over the next five years network rail will invest over £38 billion in the railway structure. This £38 billion doesn't include trains and other miscellaneous items that are needed for rail travel. This is also much more than under the last Labour government invested in our trains and railways.

Transport Secretary, Patrick McCloughin, after a hard day at work.

So if anyone asks you "what has the Government done for you in Nottingham?" just point to the Train Station.

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